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Help Keep Your Dog Happy and Relaxed with These Fun Indoor Activities

Whether the reason you need to keep your dog indoors is the stifling summer heat, extreme winter weather, or just because you’re not feeling up to a trip to the dog park, you’ll want to find fun ways to keep your dog busy while stuck inside. 

The activities that work best for your pet will depend on their interests and activity level, and it might take some trial and error to figure out what works best for your pup. 

The Vet on Fourth is interested not only in the health of your furry family members but in their happiness as well. It’s with that in mind that we’ve put together a few ideas of ways to engage your pet and keep him from getting bored when he’s stuck inside. 

Pupflix and Chill
While you don’t want your dog to become a full-time couch potato, some dogs enjoy the occasional afternoon of binge watching. With cable and YouTube channels devoted solely to programming canines will enjoy, it’s easy to find something to keep your pets’ attention. Try a few channels out and see which one snags you pup’s attention.

Make Them Work for Food
Kongs and similar toys that deliver treats in a way that make the dog work for it are a great way to keep a food-motivated dog happy for a while. A similar idea that’s great for a hot summer day is to freeze treats in an ice ball so the dog will have to lick his way to the center to enjoy his snack. ProTip: Filling a Kong and then freezing it will make the process last longer. 

Let Him Win a Game of Tug of War
You probably won’t be able to play fetch while stuck indoors, but you can engage your dog in a game of tug of war. Just grab his favorite rope toy and spend some time playing with your pooch. Since the game doesn’t require a lot of movement on your part, this game works even if you’re not feeling great. 

New Doggy SWAG
If you know ahead of time you’re going to be stuck indoors, it’s a good idea to stock up on new toys. Having a new chew toy will keep him busy for a while. It’s also smart to always keep a stockpile of new goodies hidden for just such occasions. 

Puzzles keep your mind occupied and stave off boredom, and they’ll do the same for your pet. Lots of dog puzzle toys are available that will engage his mind and keep him occupied as he tries to figure out how to access a treat or solve other problems. 

With a little creativity, it’s easy to keep your indoor-bound dog happy and relaxed. The Vet on Fourth is available to address your concerns and to help you make sure your pup is happy and healthy! Make an appointment today with our highly rated vet clinic and see why so many Longview-area pet owners trust our caring staff with their four-legged family members!


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